Level 36

Júnior Mardúk

Human Relations

Digital Marketing, S.E.O and Coach

Level 22

Luis Patrocínio

Community Manager

Social networking and comunication.

Level 29

Danilo Carvalho

Software engineer


Level 27

José Ranieri

3D Modeler

3D resources.

Level 27

Thiago Ramos

Designer de Ideias

Narrative and cartoon.

Level 29

Gillan King

Animator Artist

Characters and animation.

Level 30

Hely de Brito

Concept Artist

Traditional art and Animation

Level 29


Lead Artist

Background, traditional art and colors.

Level 29

Carlos Pazuzu

Sound Designer

Soundtrack and chiptunes.

Level 30

Décio Oliveira

Art Director

Digital art, 3D, game and level design.

Level 25

Ruhan Bello

Lead Programming

Technology, game and level design.

Born in 2013, the group's main fuel is creativity, always grounded in artistic motifs and stories that seek to bring something relevant to society.
The game, besides being a passion for all the studio's members, is a cultural powerful tool increasingly beyond our homes, integrating other social areas and platforms, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

That's why the team believes in the potential of this playful and sensory media.

Game Development

Our main goal is to produce games that transmit some idea or experience to someone: a feeling/sensation, educational proposals, brand and product promotion, or the polymerization of a product for the "Game" media.
  • Indie Games

    Game development

  • Educational

    With instructional or social purposes

  • Advergames

    Promote your brand or product

  • Transmedia

    Transform your animation, comics or book in a game

Game Art Creation

The visual is the first element to interact with the player's senses, so we work for a flawless finish. Fortunately we have a fantastic team of artists, all to create the best look for your game.
  • Character Design

    Concept and creation of character

  • Environment Design

    Concept and creation of environment

  • 3D Assets

    Modeling, sculpting, retopology and textures

  • Animation

    2D and 3D animations

  • Graphic User Interface

    Concept and creation

Game Sound Creation

The sound stimulus are the most efficient elements to keep the players "submerged" in their experiences while they play, so a good production audio is essential!
  • Sound Design and SFX

    Sound effects in general

  • Soundtrack

    Original soundtrack creation

  • Chiptunes

    SFX and OST "retro like"

Game Code Programming

In any interactive software project it is essential that everything is functional as expected, so that the user / player has the best experience possible.
  • General Programming

    Deployment characters, scenarios, animation, etc

  • Technologies Use

    Kinect, A.R (Realidade Aumentada), V.R (Realidade Virtual), etc

  • Problem Solutions

    Problem solving in general

Game Technical Direction

Develop an idea from the beginning it might not be an easy task, so let we do it for you. You have no idea yet? No problem, we’ll help you to get some idea even from scratch!
  • Game Design

    Idea creation and development

  • Level Design

    Design of game stages

  • Experince Design (UX)

    Consulting in user experience

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